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The Chicago Area Loving Tasks

You’re invited to help change our world

More than one couple may team up to fulfill a loving task. Perhaps you’d like to serve with another encountered couple you feel close to. Invite them to join you!
Please read through the loving tasks described below to see where you’d like to serve. Then call the couple listed in that area for more information and to learn how you can help. If no name is listed in your area of choice, e-mail Alan & Ruth Anne Wheeler at

Ongoing Loving Tasks Pre-Weekend Loving Tasks Post-Weekend Loving Tasks Weekend Loving Tasks

Clergy Contact Couple

Roger & Carole Willer

Publicity Couple

Alan & Ruth Anne Wheeler

Information Night Couple

REVISED TASK: Promoting Information Talks and providing resource material

Hosting Couple

Al & Pat LaVanture

Lay Contact Couple

Alan & Ruth Anne Wheeler

Facilities Coordinators

Ralph & Judi Golnick

Sing-Off Couple

NEW TASK: Greeting couples coming off a Weekend, recruitment involvement

Photography Couple

NEW TASK: Photographing Weekend couples, matting photos for final presentation

Area Finance Couple

Nelson & Ardith Bradford

Care Packet Coordinators

NEW TASK: Putting together packets given to couples coming off a Weekend

Renewal Supplies Couple

Orin & Karen Lerdal

Supply Couple

Tom & Elaine Tredinnick

Presenting Couple Coordinators

Ralph & Judi Golnick

Prayer Letter Coordinators

REVISED TASK: Compiling prayer letters and sharing letters from Prayer Couples

  Community Development Coordinators

Ralph & Judi Golnick

Setup Couple

Rich & Linda Heisel

Newsletter Layout Couple*

Don & Rita Crawford


Banner Couple

NEW TASK: Maintaining proper supply of banners used on Weekends

Newsletter Distribution

Dale & Judy Perryman


Admin Box Couple

NEW TASK: Maintaining supply of handouts, notebooks, and pens for Weekend

Resource Couple

Rich & Barb Samonte


Convenience Supplies Couple

NEW TASK: Maintaining supply of convenience items needed for supply table

Registration Couple

Bob & Janet Ichida


*Indicates this position is available. God knows who this couple is. Will they please step forward?


Your loving support can make a difference in some couple's life