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There are 4 active communities in the Chicago area, and 3 communites on hiatus. Information on the community and coordinator contacts are listed below.

Active Communities

 Lakeland Lovers

Ken & Nancy Knapp, 847-587-5521



Barry & Rebecca Bruckner, 708-747-1613



Orin & Karen Lerdal, 630-279-3493

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 We Love

Harland & Jan Gerzevske, 630-665-6165

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Communities on Hiatus:

 Close Encounters

Chris & Sue Markgraf, 847-970-9661

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 Happy Huggers

Al & Pat LaVanture, 847-358-0036


 Hearts of Fire

Millen & Donna Vladesov, 847-639-2452

 Community Development Coordinators for Chicago:

Ralph & Judi Golnick

Phone (847) 459-3198

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