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Cybercat Midwest Gathering

July 19, 1997


On July 19th, Midwestern Cybercatters got together at the home of Bobbye and Wally in Hoffman Estates, IL, to meet our online pals!

Our Wonderful Hosts






Sassi 'n' Rexi

 Cybercatters in attendance: Bobbye & Wally (of course!), Christine Smith (our wonderful photographer!), Stephanie Bridges, Anne Kolaczyk, Karen Vieau, Lisa Luksus, Pam Spacek, Alan & Ruth Anne Wheeler and George & Rachel Kasica.

Our Wonderful Gathering Photographer,

Cris Smith, featured here with her kitty, Toast

To see pictures of Stephanie, Anne, Karen and Lisa, click here

To see pictures of George & Rachel, Alan & Ruth Anne, and Pam click here

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For our cyber-friends who have been there for the joys and the heartaches

Of being owned by cats! Thanks guys!

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