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Poems from Jean Vann


R are are the people who
U nderstand the feelings of
T hose around them and
H urt with them

A nd give friendship
N ot for money
N or for personal gain
E ndeavouring just to serve.

A nd rare are the couples
L iving on this earth
A nd giving help and support
N ever stinting in their time

--February 25, 1998


You have given love to others
And shared your life so much
Praying, encouraging, helping
And now it is you
who are battered
Bruised and

I can only say that you who
Have given so much joy
With Secret pals and secret support
Unnoticed, steadily  on this list.
You are missed.
I miss your words
Of wisdom
Your quiet humour and
your godly presence

And I just say
We pray for you both
Reading between the lines
Of your misadventures and disasters
The pain and the desperation
Hearing the depression in your words.

I pray for
His comfort for your suffering
His love to flood your soul
He healing for your shoulder
and his hope deep in your heart
than this pain will not last
for ever.

--March 21, 1998

God's Children

I read words spilling
onto my screen,
words telling of
power cuts
of rain
of wind
of tornado
of car accidents;
words of pain
and hurt.

But the pattern
the words make
is not of anger
or despair.

Even when you cry
for help,
I see your faith
holding those
words together
like a webbing
supporting and
catching the problems
that I have heard
in your life.

The webbing buckles
and kicks,
like a sail in the wind,
but the words
are woven as
the weft
with a pattern
that you and I do
not see.

But to us on this list
You show beauty
and love
ands caring
and strongly
a witness for Him.

So I look through
Your words and I see
two people
with beauty in their faces
and the light of the
Lord shining in
their lives.

Two who are obedient
“Though he slay me”
And I tell you
Whatever others may say
To me you two stand
There like Job.

“If only my anguish could be weighed
And al my misery be placed on scales
It would surely outweigh the sand of the sea”
And I see you like Him saying
I will teach you about the power  of God
The ways of the Almighty I will not conceal”
"Where does wisom come from?
God understands the way to it
And he alone knows were it dwells”

So Alan and you
Stand tall
True to God
whilst those around
Try to mislead you.

And such a witness
Cannot be
measured by
mere humans.

So I say to you
Stand  tall
Lift your heads high
In midst of your  troubles
He walks with you
And you are HIS
Precious children
And His light
Shines out from

--August 19, 1998  

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