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To all Illinois, Indiana and Michigan LOTH sisters!

Welcome to all LOTH sisters, but most especially to those sisters in the Illinois, Indiana and Michigan area! In LOTH, you will find the sisterhood of caring, compassionate, loving women. We all are sisters, maybe not by blood, but by choice, by the heart.

This page is dedicated to the sisters of LOTH who reside in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. And, if you are going to be visiting Illinois, Indiana or Michigan, please feel free to contact any of the sisters listed in the area you will be visiting below! We always extend a warm welcome to visiting sisters! *grin*

If you are looking at the wrong regional page, however, please return to the welcome wagon Regional Directory to find the link to your correct Regional Coordinator.

If you live in Illinois, Indiana, or Michigan, please send me an e-mail at either or with the following information:

Preferred Website URL
ICQ Number
City and State

In this website, you will find information and/or links regarding news about upcoming LOTH events in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan, news from Kari that might or might not concern Illinois, Indiana and Michigan Sisters, a listing of sisters who live in this region, broken down by State, and then by City alphabetically, including the sister's homepage, e-mail and ICQ Number. (And remember, when first contacting a sister to have them add you as a contact to their ICQ list, please identify yourself as a LOTH sister!) *smile*

At any time when there is a LOTH get-together planned, or other information that needs to be distributed, I will mass e-mail everyone and include the URL for this page, so that you can take a quick look for more detail.

Current Get-Together Information:

No current Get-Togethers are planned at this time

To View pictures of past Get-Togethers:

None are available at this time. But coming soon will be pictures from the Indiana Christmas Get-Together!





Welcome Wagon

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Region 13 birthdays page

Region 13 picture & bio page

Region 13 LOTH links page

The Year 2000 Reunion Page

I borrowed the graphics from a background set from Christine's Creations. Christine is a sister in LOTH. Please visit her lovely graphics site!

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