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To all Illinois, Indiana and Michigan LOTH sisters!

Hello to all new and longtime LOTH sisters, but most especially to those sisters in the Illinois, Indiana and Michigan area! I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone. You will find this wonderful group of women so caring, compassionate and dedicated to themselves and each other. You will share tears, laughter, prayers and hope. You will discover new religions, new ways of life, and new friends. You may not always agree with them, but hopefully you will open your heart and mind to learning new things.

At the bottom of this page, you will see a form for you to fill out...LOTH has implemented a new program where we will be giving out Official LOTH Membership Cards to all ladies who fill out the form completely. Once I receive your information, I will email you with my home address, and then I ask you to help me offset postage by mailing me a Stamped Self Addressed Envelope. You should receive your membership card in about 6 - 8 weeks. All cards will be signed by Kari and myself. SO, for all of you new sisters who are concerned about giving info away.. there truly is no need to be.. One of the standards that Kari believes in and has adhered to thru the almost two years of Ladies of the Heart is honesty and integrity. Your information will never be sold or sent to anyone for any reason. It is our Ladies of the Heart Membership Data Base; and only Kari and Myself have access to your information.

As we enter into the end of our first full year of regions, we have found how well this concept is working toward making lasting friendships. With the cooperation of everyone and the willingness to "make it happen"...we have succeeded in what we attempted to do! All of you have weathered many changes in LOTH, and have seen some of the good that has come from this wonderful organization. We are entering into the final stages of preparing LOTH as a "real life" NonProfit Organization, and together with "LOTH - The Online Club"; we will someday succeed at helping other women and touching their lives.

In the process of our growing we all will learn something about ourselves: that you are important, that you are special and loved and that through this wonderful organization, you truly are a Lady of the Heart!!

This page is dedicated to the sisters of LOTH who reside in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. And, if you are going to be visiting Illinois, Indiana or Michigan, please feel free to contact any of the sisters listed in the area you will be visiting below! We always extend a warm welcome to visiting sisters! *grin*

If you are looking at the wrong regional page, however, please return to the welcome wagon Regional Directory to find the link to your correct Regional Director.

In this website, you will find information and/or links regarding news about upcoming LOTH events in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan, news from Kari that might or might not concern Illinois, Indiana and Michigan Sisters, a listing of sisters who live in this region, broken down by State, and then by City alphabetically, including the sister's homepage, e-mail and ICQ Number. (And remember, when first contacting a sister to have them add you as a contact to their ICQ list, please identify yourself as a LOTH sister!) *smile*

At any time when there is a LOTH get-together planned, or other information that needs to be distributed, I will mass e-mail everyone and include the URL for this page, so that you can take a quick look for more detail.

Current Get-Together Information:

No current Get-Togethers are planned at this time

To View pictures of past Get-Togethers:

None are available at this time. But coming soon will be pictures from the Indiana Christmas Get-Together!


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Illinois is temporarily located at:
(Please be patient...Because of the domain problems, Lisa is having to catch up with quite a few ladies' listings!)




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I borrowed the graphics from a background set from Christine's Creations. Christine is a sister in LOTH. Please visit her lovely graphics site!

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