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Welcome to the Wheeler Zoo!

 Currently in our home, we have three tigers and a dog.

First, please meet our tigers…commonly known on the e-mail as "The Three Catkateers"


Erich is the lover cat of the household. He sleeps on top of you, purring the whole night through. He's a big boy, too, half Maine Coon. (He weighs 22 lbs.) He is the mighty hunter of the household, the brains of the operation, and knows just what needs to be done and when. A definite "alpha cat". Erich was born December 2, 1988, and is currently our oldest kitty. Ruth Anne has been owned by him since he was 3 months old, and she was in her first year of law school.


This is Tabitha. Tabitha enjoys her sunshine, as you can see from this photograph of her. If one were to know her full tiger name, it is "Queen Tabitha Haydn Wheeler" Queen, because she is the Queen of the Jungle. Tabitha is what her "hoomins" call her. Haydn, because that is among her favorite musical composers. And, Wheeler, well, we do have to bow down to the "hoomins" and deign to allow them to show ownership…. Tabitha was a Petco rescue, found at the restaurants in the strip mall where the store was located. At the time we got her, she was about 4 to 5 months old. We celebrate her birthday on March 20. She was born in 1992. We got her right after rescuing Mandy. Tabitha chose us. We were in the store buying supplies for Mandy, and Tabitha kept meowing every time Alan said something. She stayed in our minds that whole night, and we called Petco the next day. She was still there, and has stolen our hearts ever since.


Mandy is our little dear heart, extra special. We saved her from a life of mistreatment as a very young kitten, and have loved her into a sweetheart of a kitty. She will talk your ears off, telling you about how she is so "abused". When we wake up in the morning, our dear little Mandy is right there, purring away, jumping up to greet you with nosetouches and headbutts, doing her morning happy dance. Mandy was born June 2, 1992. She was taken from her mother at 3 weeks of age and not properly weaned or provided with kitten milk replacement. We got Mandy from the people who took her from her mother cat about a month after that, when she was about 7 weeks old.



Smokey was born January 1, 1996. We got her from the local shelter on February 13, 1997. She is a German Shepherd who was turned out by her original owner who said she was too active and too much work. Smokey won our hearts the first time we saw her. She is a love, who will always greet you when you come in the house, and probably wouldn't hurt a fly. We call her "hooyap hound" when she gets hyper. She loves her squeaky toys, and we think that she thinks she is a cat. The tigers of the house KNOW that she is the goofiest giant cat that has ever been on this earth.

We learned on January 22, 1998, that Smokey has ideopathic (primary) epilepsy. For more information on Canine Epilepsy, please click

Our bridge baby, Smokey

Smokey, we miss you and love you. Someday, we will see you in heaven at the Rainbow Bridge. Until that day...

Click on the above candle to find out about the vigil in memory of the Noah's Ark massacre.

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The Catkateers Have Won Awards!

Thanks Mistic (and mommy Lee Ann)!

February 19, 1998

Thanks Daisy Mae!

March 29, 1998

Thanks Sierra! You make us purr, too!

May 10, 1998

The Wheeler Zoo Has Won Awards!

Gina's Award for Homepage Excellence!

Thanks Di & Tem!

March 2, 1998

Thanks Di & Bata!

March 2, 1998

Thanks Catanna & Monday the meditative cat!

March 20, 1998

Thanks Pommom, along with Andy, Carisma, Tressa, Crystal, Spanky, Scooter, Tabu, Pooky, and Rahjah the Kitty!

March 25, 1998

Thanks Charlotte and Comet!

March 28, 1998

Thanks Connie!

April 1, 1998

Thanks Lisa!

April 12, 1998

Thanks Lee Ann!

April 24, 1998

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